About Us

A young, aggressive and hardworking owner led by Mr. Dominador G. Lim whose vision and entrepreneurial spirit provided impetus for the company to excel and to make its mark established DSL GAM Enterprises, in early 1980. The company is essentially a trading and marketing organization engaged in importing, wholesaling and retailing of highly diversified product lines.
In 1993, the company develops a new product; Ropelight TM which is imported from TAIWAN, a decorative lighting which enables individual design, for decorating buildings, homes, business establishment with a comprehensive approval from International Safety Standard and Phil. Product Standard.

From 2003 up to Present, the company expand into LED light (Light emitting diodes) that plays a big part in today’s modern design and technology for decorative/Conventional lighting which enables individual design, for decorating buildings, homes and business establishment to help enhance and be recognize thru its unique features.

The inherit features of LED decide it to be the best alternative to conventional light sources; LED consumes 50% less energy than other lighting and does not emit heat, low voltage, low maintenance and has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

DSL has developed and is currently focusing on a new series of LED Application, as the products are more likely to gain greater popularity. DSL main product segments are broken down into Decorative Lighting, LED Application, Commercial Lighting, Architectural lighting and Entertainment lighting. Our company seen by our customers as a “one-stop shop” product.

Our expertise and completed projects has been well proven in much significant development in the Philippines. Involving the complete design, information, installation and after sales service required by its countless discriminating clientele.

For more than 20th years of service, the company has expanded its product to the Filipino people. Continuous innovation of product quality and trustworthy business relationship with our customers, are the foundations of DSL GAM Enterprise. We are taking a great step forward into the new era with vision and confidence.